Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it. Gn 1:28

When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy God for the good land which he hath given thee. Dt 8:10

Thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart…[and]…thy neighbor as thyself. Mt 22:37-39

Quick! Look away before you get HUNGRY!



We support and encourage local food production and local farmers’ markets by making it easy for local farmers to advertise their products and connect with local shoppers looking for an abundance of locally-produced food.


We provide virtual, online Shops in various Market Locations where Approved Vendors may list and Shoppers may browse Allowable Products for locally-produced food and food-production-related products. Products may be filtered and sorted using several criteria, Vendors and Shoppers may connect via live chat and messaging, Vendors get shop, product and order management and Shoppers get Accounts with order history.

Market Locations

LaGrangeTx is our first Market Location and new ones may be opened upon request wherever sufficient demand and resources exist. (SchulenburgTx, BastropTx, BrenhamTx, LaGrangeGa?). Use the contact page to let us know if you are interested.

Approved Vendors

Approved Vendors may list Products in our Markets so long as they serve our Purpose, adhere to our Rules and are Lawful. For our internal records, we require: your name, a farm or business name, a physical address and a mailing address if different, email and telephone number. None of the information we collect will be made public though you have the option to publicize any information you desire. Use our contact page to submit the required information and tell us a little about the products you intend to sell and we will follow up as necessary.

Allowable Products

Allowable Products are food and food-production-related products and are broadly interpreted as similar to: food, seeds, fruits and vegetables, wood chips, manure, compost, fertilizer, tools, wheel barrows, baked goods, sweets, chickens (live and ready-to-cook), chicks, eggs, incubators, pluckers, shavings, nesting boxes, milk, cheese, yogurt and other dairy products, honey, bees and bee keeping supplies, livestock, fencing materials, kitchen tools, utensils, cutting boards, jars, canning supplies, spices, jelly, wash cloths, towels, napkins, face masks, hand soap, lotion, cleaners and sanitizers…and many similar. The list is virtually endless so long as our Purpose is served. If you have questions about whether your products will be allowed, simply contact us through our contact page.

Unrelated items are allowed provided they are incidental to and do not distract from our Purpose. Art work, bird houses, crafts and similar Products are examples. Our intent is to focus on food, not limit the use of the Service. Currently, the policy is that Vendors must list fewer unrelated Products than food or food-production-related Products. Products that are not allowable for sale in our Shop may still be advertised in the designated Vendor areas with links to external websites or shops.


Accounts are not required for Shoppers but are highly recommended and encouraged for repeat orders, account management and support purposes (particularly order support). Full name and email address are required for administration.

Local Farmers’ Markets and Pick Ups

While we expect Vendors will have a physical presence at many local farmers’ market locations, we have no direct affiliation with any.  For convenience, we keep the status of the local farmers’ markets for each Market Location at the top of the Shop page. Pick-up locations are local places where Vendors can meet Shoppers for delivery. Check the blog category Pick-Ups to get information on local pick-up locations and look for those with the farmers’ market tag.

Is Food?

In Market Locations, all Products shall be tagged:

  • Yes (it is edible and/or is [or is nearly] ready-to-eat, “Food” in our filter)
  • Related (it is not edible and not [or not nearly] ready-to-eat but it is related to food or food production)

Example: A live chicken is Related (poultry) while a slaughtered and wrapped chicken is Food (meat) because it is nearly ready to eat.

Untagged Products are presumed not edible and unrelated to food or food production.

Is Organic?

In Market Locations, Organic is defined as food that is not genetically-modified and that is grown and/or produced using organic methods. Organic Products, where applicable, shall be tagged:

  • Organic (organic but non-certified)
  • Certified (certified organic, authority must be cited in each product short description)

Untagged Products are presumed either non-organic, not applicable or otherwise. We do not certify any of the Products, Shops or Vendors or verify any claims. Shoppers beware!

Market Email Alerts

Market Email Alerts are voluntary and may be subscribed to on our subscription page.


Please be patient as our features develop. We expect eventual incorporation of numerous payment gateways as time and resources allow.


The sale of some Products may be subject to certain regulations related to sales in general and specifically sales “over the internet”: e.g. restrictions, licensing, certifications, taxes, know-your-farmer, face-to-face rules, labeling and too many to name. Many Products are exempt. As always, it is the responsibility of individual Shoppers and Vendors to know and understand the Law and its implications. We accept no responsibility for the actions of either or for the Products listed in our Markets. Our Service is simply the Shops. Use at your own risk! See our Resources page for links to more information.


We expect the time will come when the Service may grow so popular that some sort of revenue stream may be required to cover our expenses. A simple donation page is expected and may be sufficient but we are open to local advertising, commissions, membership fees for Vendors or something similar in the future.

Our Service will always be free for Shoppers and may always be “free” for Vendors. By the time the donation page is complete, the payment gateways will have been completed and we will continue to provide the Service for so long as we are able.


We reserve the right to refuse Service. The availability of our Service to Vendors and Shoppers is our sole discretion.


We will not share any information we collect unless compelled by Law.

We do not intentionally track any additional Shopper information beyond Order history by Account, and only for use in Account administration and to improve our Service.

Use of payment gateways may require the collection and transmission of additional and sensitive information in connection with the use of that service. We recommend choosing wisely which are most private and secure. Use the payment gateways at your own risk.

The social login feature is not private and the option is not recommended. Those platforms and those services track its use and are responsible for any Privacy abuse associated therewith.

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